lørdag den 25. december 2010

Well, I'm going to the airport in an hour and then I'll be leaving for India. See you in two weeks, this place will pretty much be dead... but come back for billions of photos from India (this one is from the last time I went there).

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Cecilie sagde ...

Ohh, you're lucky! have a nice trip and a happy new year!


By Jack Truelove sagde ...

Thank you very much! I am reminded, when looking through your very taut and wonderfully executed images - and reading your comments, - of all that which is paramount in the human experience; curiosity, doubt, courage, - but most of all of that most wonderful ability that is ours to use, if we actually give a fuck; to bring others to take another and sometimes different look at life!
You have a very good eye! Take good care of it!

Happy New Year


bels sagde ...

lovely picture, I like your blog

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anouk sagde ...

your blogname and that picture... that's hard...