mandag den 5. april 2010

sometimes i like being alone
without being lonely

lørdag den 3. april 2010

F u n e r a l s
are a curious, awkward, sad and beautiful thing.
My great grand mother died a week ago and today was her funeral.
I think it's a little strange that the priest tells us about a person she has never met, but we have lived all our lives with.
And what does God have to do with any of this? We are in no way a religious family, so it doesn't comfort us to hear the priest say that nobody dies alone, 'cause the Lord will always be with us. It simply annoys me. In my world, there is no God. That doesn't make me less able to handle death and the loss of a loved one. There are other things in life to rely on than religion.
Anyway, it was a beautiful funeral. The room was lit up by the sun, the flowers were pretty and the hymns were nice.

I'm listening to Howl At The Moon, the new album by The Floor Is Made Of Lava. Next weekend I'm going to their concert.. it's gonna be fucking wild.

fredag den 2. april 2010

I did something special. I visited my good friend Martin. He lives in the countryside near Copenhagen. The special occasion was that his sheep had given birth to easter lambs. Cuties cuties cuties. We had a really nice day. I was fascinated by every single animal and nature related thing. That gave him plenty of stuff to tease me with. Haha.
But I gotta say, it was grrrreat to be in the countryside and in the woods. I miss that, sometimes. And I'm beginning to believe that spring is finally approaching...

Now I'm listening to the new song "Lemonade" by CocoRosie. It's nice, CocoRosie is always nice. You can take a listen here.

I've found this cool website run by a guy from Buenos Aires. He exhibits photos he's found in the streets. One man's trash, another man's treasure.
I thinks it's nice to imagine what these total strangers are doing and what their background is. And why the photos has been thrown away. People are fascinating.

torsdag den 1. april 2010

I've had a nice and cosy day. First, I went to an old school café called Granola with my mom. It was nice just to sit and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate, watching the people outside in the pouring rain.

Afterwards we went to the movies and watched the film Precious. Though it was presented by Oprah and starring Mariah Carey and Lenny Kravitz, I really liked it. It was nothing you would expect Mariah Carey to be involved with. It was raw and delicate and compassionate and funny and depressing and uplifting. So... go watch it right away!