lørdag den 25. december 2010

Well, I'm going to the airport in an hour and then I'll be leaving for India. See you in two weeks, this place will pretty much be dead... but come back for billions of photos from India (this one is from the last time I went there).

fredag den 24. december 2010

Merry christmas
Feliz navidad
Joyeux nöel
Glædelig jul

Waking up the day before Christmas Eve on a boat covered in snow

Florence goes blues

Los perros de España, parte dos

I do know that the cat is not a dog... but it's a cool cat, though.

Night Time

The XX

torsdag den 23. december 2010

The lights in the darkness

Letter for teacher. Haha, you think I'm a loser? Okay.

Sweet girls and Snowflake by Trentemøller

onsdag den 22. december 2010

This is some really really really good stuff. But don't watch if you're suicidal.

Nordhavn St.

Look what I got at my local thrift shop today. Four books and a shirt. And all I paid was 50 kr. I'm so ready for India!

You wouldn't think that I could love a Christian, Swedish, 12 year old, recorder playing, vegetarian, Satanic, ginger girl scout... but I do.
Letter for the Spanish boy I miss quite a lot

tirsdag den 21. december 2010

Today, this girl:

...brought me these Twin Peaks (x 2) cakes for christmas:

We tried to play this really hard Gorillaz jellyfish game, but we kind of failed.. a lot.
I've also been planning me and my mum's trip to India - we'll leave Copenhagen December 25th.
I hope your day has been as good as mine.
Los perros de España, parte uno

In the spring 2009 I went to Spain for five weeks, on my own. The last days before I took the plane back home, I met some girls who liked to photograph as well. We spent an entire day just photographing dogs. In Granada, the town I lived in, there are a lot of stray dogs and dog lovers - so there are more photos to come!