onsdag den 15. august 2012

Tintin en français

torsdag den 9. august 2012

Copenhagen waterfront

fredag den 3. august 2012

Nathalie turned 18!
She's the girl behind Twisted & Deranged.

tirsdag den 31. juli 2012

Fluffy cloud formations.

Pink Sunday 

mandag den 30. juli 2012

Theriesenstadt in Czech Republic

fredag den 20. juli 2012

Watery days

tirsdag den 17. juli 2012

Canadian artist
Christina Mackie @ Kunsthal Charlottenborg

Sweeties and sunshine by the harbour

mandag den 16. juli 2012

Summer preview

søndag den 15. juli 2012

I have tons and tons of photos to edit before I can post them here.
In the meantime - here are some photos taken with a single use camera in Prague.

tirsdag den 10. juli 2012

Best of Roskilde Festival 2012

Bon Iver was a beautful experience and their songs worked much better live than I would have thought. One of the best moments was when everybody sang along to Skinny Love.

Blitz The Ambassador makes afrobeat hip hop from NYC and Ghana and it was a blast. I didn't really know them, but they played at the same time as The Cure who I've never really listened to (I only know their hits), so I decided to experience some new music.

 Gossip was amazing. We were at the very front and Beth Ditto is such a cool and talented woman. She came down to right where we stood, so I touched her (!!!!!) and got an up-close photo of her.

Nils Frahm is a modern classical composer and pianist. His music is incredibly beautiful and so was the concert. It was so relaxing that I almost fell asleep.

 The Roots was one of the bands I had looked forward to the most. Again, we were at the very front and it was crazy. They covered a lot of songs, including a bit of Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin! Loved it. Unfortunately, they didn't play anything from their newest album Undun which is really good! But it was a great concert in so many other ways.

 Janelle Monáe was a copy of last year's concert that I  didn't see, so it didn't really bother me. Her live singing performance was really good and Cold War almost made me cry.

 Of The Wand And The Moon was also kind of an impulsive concert. I had only heard a few songs back home, but I really really like the music. It's a kind of dark doom folk.

Mew was the highlight of this year's festival. I've listened to Mew since I was 11 years old or so, so it was not only an amazing concert but also a nostalgic one. Even though it was in the middle of the night and I was absolutely exausted, I wanted the concert to last forever. The combination of the music, the stage show, and the light setting was just fantastic. I really re-discovered the best band in Denmark.

Martha Marcy May Marlene @ Roskilde Cinema

I just returned from this year's Roskilde Festival. It was a good one, and apart from the music, the fun, the friends and so on, one of the things I enjoy the most is the Roskilde Cinema. One morning, for example, when I was really hungover, I went to see Drive with a couple of friends.

They also have a few "surprise" screenings. You have no idea what film you are about to watch until you are seated and the film starts to show.
I went to one of these and the film turned out to be Martha Marcy May Marlene by director Sean Durkin. I had never heard of the film, so I watched it with absolutely no presumptions.

And I really liked the movie. It is a about a young girl who escapes the cult she has been living with for two years and the difficulties she experiences trying to re-adapt to normal family life and social norms. The film offers an analysis of what makes a young girl like Martha stay in a cult. It is a quiet but intense movie with a lot of suspense.

The film has beautiful filmography and includes great perfomances by Elizabeth Olsen, the younger sister of The Olsen Twins, and John Hawkes.

In Danish theaters now & remember to watch the trailer in HD.

fredag den 29. juni 2012

I'm almost ready for this year's Roskilde Festival. Now we just need it to stop raining.