søndag den 31. juli 2011

I'm going to the local flea market in a little bit, that's where I get most of my wardrobe from. Seriously. I'm just packing and getting ready for Barcelona these days, it's really exciting.

Some weeks ago, I listened to this composition on the radio and I was immediately captured. I stopped doing whatver I was doing and just sat and listened throughout the whole piece.
It's a modern classical composition by Gottschalk called Souvenir de Puerto Rico.
Really, try and listen even though you usually don't like classical music. It's really captive.

And for something else.. this is a photo of the valley where I lived in Switzerland.

The first day of school is approaching rapidly, please just stop it.
These are photos from the last day of school.

lørdag den 30. juli 2011

Possibly the best song in the world.


søndag den 24. juli 2011

Self timer saves the day!

lørdag den 23. juli 2011

In the light of the horrible events that have taken place in Norway, this would be an appropriate time for posting my last photos of some of Edvard Munch's pieces of art. And this song too.

When I think of the victims in Norway and their friends and families, it feels like my heart is about to burst. I have an annoyingly developed skill to put myself in others places and imagine just how much it would hurt to be them. Not very practical in a world like this.

torsdag den 21. juli 2011

I'm going sailing the next couple of days.

Street musicians, I love you.

onsdag den 20. juli 2011

Edvard Munch
A little while ago, my mum, brother and I sailed to Oslo and of course we had to visit the Edvard Munch museum (actually it was the only thing we did other than haveing an extremely overpriced meal at Burger King and walking down Karl Johan).
I've always been really fond of Edvard Munch. I can't believe his art is a hundred years old, he was so ahead of his time. I'll post more photos of his work later.

A surprisingly interesting little documentary on Beyonce. Go ahead and watch.

Rollerskating at the beach

tirsdag den 19. juli 2011

Second-hand shopping in Berlin
Humana store at Frankfurter Tor

fredag den 15. juli 2011

Just got back from a holiday in the Swiss Alps
I've got loads of photos to edit, as usual. But this time also some video footage from Switzerland. I'm working on a small video project. I've never tried it before, so it'll probably be crap. But it's good for practice, right?
In the meantime; here are some photos of Brandenburger Tor in Berlin.

mandag den 4. juli 2011

Highlights of Roskilde Festival

Blue trip to Norway