tirsdag den 31. januar 2012

Back from Berlin
The Lauryn Hill concert was absolutely horrible.
But The Black Keys blew me away!

Little Black Submarines

onsdag den 25. januar 2012

Going to Berlin tomorrow.
I'll bring back a lot of photos and good memories.

søndag den 22. januar 2012

New Year

torsdag den 19. januar 2012

Red, blue & green.

tirsdag den 17. januar 2012

I've been listening to this song on repeat the last couple of days.
And she is somehow gorgeous, isn't she?

mandag den 16. januar 2012

Favourite city - Dublin!

søndag den 15. januar 2012


Some late photos from New Years Eve

lørdag den 14. januar 2012

Three different kinds

onsdag den 11. januar 2012

Er De Sjældne

tirsdag den 10. januar 2012

Passionate people are fascinating.
Besides, I wouldn't mind being the owner of a Nikon D4.
As always, remember to watch in HD.

mandag den 9. januar 2012

Ramble on

lørdag den 7. januar 2012

Burial and a calm day


onsdag den 4. januar 2012

Lies - The Black Keys
(soon to be seen in Berlin!)

tirsdag den 3. januar 2012

I guess I'm not the only one craving this..