fredag den 29. april 2011


torsdag den 28. april 2011

German beer

onsdag den 27. april 2011

If I knew how to play an instrument, I  would love to earn money from this.

tirsdag den 26. april 2011

This is a sick video.

mandag den 25. april 2011

Turkish Market

The first (and one of the best!) thing we did in Berlin was to visit the Turkish market between Kreuzberg and Neukölln. The atmosphere was exotic and hectic and positive and I just couldn't keep from smiling.

We bought sooo much food to bring home. Mangos, oranges, grapes, feta cheese, tomatoes, Turkish bread, humus and much more.

It's there every Friday and Tuesday from noon - 6 PM. The street's called Maybachufer, it's right by the water. Take the U-Bahn (U8) to Schönleinstraße and just go straight north from there! You should really do it when in Berlin.

And this is what we ended up with back home.. best.. dinner.. ever!

Shine your light

lørdag den 23. april 2011

Street art in Berlinnn


Maybe I should've posted some totally awesome hip hop track along with these photos..
but no. This is k.d. lang's version of Hallelujah. She perfomed at the Winter Olympics' Opening at Vancouver and it brought tears to my eyes.

It's amazing what can be made out of paper.

(By the way, still hoping for Fleet Foxes to join the programme at this year's Roskilde Festival)

torsdag den 21. april 2011

Wating time in CPH Airport.
Our plane was delayed due to the fog.
I kind of enjoyed the photo opportunity though.

onsdag den 20. april 2011

I'm back from Berlin!
Came home this morning - it's been great. And what did I find waiting for me at home? A make-up delivery from e.l.f. and a "gækkebrev" from my little brother (that's a traditional Dansih Easter letter). Couldn't be better.
Anyway, I got plenty of photos from Berlin, I just need to do some post-processing before posting them. I'm actually thinking of doing sort of a guide, 'cause it seems like everyone's going to Berlin these days.

These are som photos from the Saxo Bank building at Tuborg Harbour. I kind of like it, actually.

torsdag den 14. april 2011

Going to BERLIN tomorrow, with this beautiful girl.

Some of the last photos from my mum's youth
These are from her time as a squatter. The first two photos were taken at the old Youth House at Jagtvej, back in '83.
The ones left are from other squatted houses, such as Ryesgade and Sorte Hest.