mandag den 28. februar 2011

It has finally been decided - my class and I are going to Dublin next year, on a study trip. It'll be grrraand! I simply can't wait.

I'm listening to some melancholic Lady & Bird, it suits the weather pretty good (here it would have been really smart to have some kind of photo of the current weather, but I won't bother you with something THAT dull and grey).

Instead - listen!

søndag den 27. februar 2011

This song has almost already become a kliché in the blogosphere.. but as my English teacher once said: "Klichés are klichés because they're true. And that's a kliché itself."

James Blake - Limit To Your Love

And again... I know black & white tree silhouttes is a kliché too. But now I'm taking it all the way.. maybe I should write a little poem as well and take a photo of myself, looking out the window with a distant look in my eyes?

Nah, I don't think so.

Most of this weekend has been dedicated to reality TV, cooking, homework & assignments, a little bit of work out, relaxation and cunsumption of berries, pancakes, pomegranate, canteloupe, coke and dark chocolate with blackberry taste.
It's been great ;-)
Sandra with Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream all over her face, trying to express LOL.

lørdag den 26. februar 2011

More blind drawings - one of the dear Deer and two of Sofie. I think she looks a bit like a sperm whale (really strange name in English - it's a 'kaskelothval' in Danish).
Can you see what it is?

fredag den 25. februar 2011

torsdag den 24. februar 2011

Doll Is Mine
Blonde Redhead

Du må lære at LE, ja du må...

Went ice skating with my mum, brother and some "friends of the family" - except that I did'n go skating. It was cold and fuck, but we had brought tea and chocolate cake!

onsdag den 23. februar 2011

Martin, Sandra & Daniel!