lørdag den 5. februar 2011

Isn't he the most adorable thing you've ever seen? ♥
I met this cutiepie the very last day in India. His dad and him were lying next to us on the beach and I just couldn't figure out what language the dad was talking to him. It turned out to be Japanese! Apparently, his mum is Japanese, his dad's Israeli, but he has lived in South Africa during the Apartheid (trading with diamonds...) and is now living in Thailand. The kid lives with his mum in Japan and now his father had taken him on a holiday to India. .. woah, it was hard to keep track of.

But I have never ever met a kid like this one! I think his name was Leo and he simply LOVED the camera. He was kinda shy, but the moment I pulled out my camera he started posing. When I had taken some photes, he came over by my side and wanted to see them and hold my camera. He's gonna end up be a real heart breaker when he grows up...

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