fredag den 18. februar 2011

I've found some old photos from back in the days, when my mum was young and fresh and travelling all around Europe. I LOVE the photos - maybe just because it's my mum and I want to do the excact same things. But I think some of them have a really special atmosphere - there's just somtehing about analog.
Anyway, let me know whether they actually ARE interesting for other people than her daugher or it's only me being nostalgic. I've got more to come, so you better answer if they're just plain boring ;)

My mum in Athens, '81.
Backpackers waiting for the ferry, Greece, '81.

Naxos, Greece, '81.

Naxos, Greece, '81. Sleeping on top of a roof.

Naxos, Greece, '81. Sleeping on top of a roof.
Greece, '81.
Tanger, Morocco, '81.
Tanger, Marocco, '81.

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Pauline sagde ...

Jeg synes også, de er ret fede! Lad os endelig se mere af det.