lørdag den 25. juni 2011

What's in the box?

Is it a pair of new sneakers? Is it a dick in a box?

Pas du tout.. it's a cake.

fredag den 24. juni 2011

Great Vietnamese restaurant we had dinner at one night in Berlin. Great food, great atmosphere, great people.
We talked to some German women who had to drive for more than an hour to get there - and this was their 27th time!
Just crusing to Norway.

Incoming mail
From my grandfather - a postcard of Alaskan natives and the Stéphane Hessel book, "Indignez-Vous."

Outgoing mail
A letter for my friend Maja. Fuck damn shit, I really lover recieving and sending letters.

torsdag den 23. juni 2011

Randoms from Berlin


"Rebolledo, do you have a cigarette?
No, I don't smoke, I don't smoke"
Matias Aguayo

Just found this track through Regnsky and it's really addicting! Very strange, but very nice.

Could really eat some strawberries right now..

The pursuit of innovation
The Holocaust Memorial in Berlin has become a landmark of the city - and landmarks attract tourists.
Haven't you seen a million photos of people posing in all kinds of more or less creative ways between, behind or on top of the concrete slabs? I have and when I visited the place this Easter I wanted so badly to take "a new photo" of the place. Every single photo opportunity has been taken advatage of, so I really had to try hard to get just a little touch of my own to be seen on my photos.
Well, these are the results - I tried to do something different but I'm sure I really succeded, haha
(plus, it's actually quite a silly thing, always trying to be oh so special and unique.. blah).
I'd really love to know what you think.

onsdag den 22. juni 2011


tirsdag den 21. juni 2011

Just visiting a friend in Helsingør.
He lives in a pretty average house.

mandag den 20. juni 2011

Today I stumbled upon Tjit Tjat, a blog run by a young Danish guy. Quite good actually.
He writes a lot about music and I found these two incredible music videos he had posted.
The first one about crying men, the other about a boy and gold fish. Watch them. 

No more math for me!
The next couple of months will be all about Roskilde Festival, road trip to Switzerland and France, mountains, rivers, sun, beaches, friends and Barcelona

fredag den 17. juni 2011

Birthday card for Bella.

torsdag den 16. juni 2011

Road Trip

(5:01 AM) The Pros & Cons of Hitch Hiking - Roger Waters
Actually, this song was one of the first songs that got me into Pink Floyd. For my 10th birthday my grandmothers husband got me the album of the same name along with some Pink Floyd albums. I thought the Pink Floyd albums looked too strange (I got The Division Bell and Meddle - neither of the covers telling the name of the band nor album) - so maybe I didn't even know they were Pink Floyd albums?
Anyway, I did listen to The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking, maybe because it had a more "classic" cover naming the title and artist. One of the songs that really caught my attention to was this song, (5:01 AM) The Pros And Cons of Hitch Hiking.

onsdag den 15. juni 2011

Well, I don't know what to write.