tirsdag den 14. juni 2011

I got a new haircut, which has been most needed for.. well, years maybe?!
 It's shorter (not so good) but much healthier and ligher (pretty good).

On my way home
I stopped at Nytorv and watched a photo exhibition called Wild Wonders of Europe. I bought some strawberries and slowly walked around, enjoying the photos. They were all very beautiful and interesting and showing how much amazing nature there's left in Europe. Usually you don't think of Europe as a continent packed with extraordinary wildlife experiences - but actually, it is!
The exhibiton made me feel a little strange - I was really excited that there is so much beauty to experience right here in Europe, but also sad that no-one realises and we don't really take care of what's left of the wild beauty that once was. I immediately wanted to visit every single European country, especially in Eastern Europe (okay, I've wanted that for a while but this just made me want it even more!). I just really want to feel that untouched northern wilderness.
Check it out at Nytorv in Copenhagen - it runs until 31st of July. Otherwise there are plenty of beautiful photos to find in the galleries.

Marshes in Cadiz, Spain. By Diego Lopez.
Bicaz Gorges in Romania. By Cornelia Doerr.
Oulanka River, Finland. By Staffan Widstrand.
A male saiga in the steppe of Cherniye Zemly, Russia. By Igor Shpilenok.
Muskox in Dovrefjell National Park, Norway. By Vincent Munier.

Then I got home
and bought the new album "Suck It And See" by Arctic Monkeys. Roskilde is approaching and I can't wait! So instead of reading math, I made a list of things to pack.

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Sally jeg er vild med dit nye hår! ja sådan stort set generelt egentlig :b