søndag den 5. december 2010

Usually I don't write anything about me nor my everyday life. I think it's too personal for the entire cyberspace to know (though I don't pretend that that many people visit my little bloggy). Plus, who would be interested in whenever I buy something useless but fancy or when my lessons in school are cancelled? I mainly use this blog as a visual diary.

Anyway, yesterday I experienced somthing a little bit crazy (just a tiny bit, don't get your expectations too high). I was going to visit my old efterskole (Danish kind of boarding school, but much cooler) and a good friend and I decided to hitchhike some of the way (it's starting to become a habit for me, I do it all the time - free transportation and experiences, gotta love it).
After only a couple of minutes trying to catch a car in Nyborg, an Alfa Romeo (daaamn fine car, you know) pulled over. A very young guy was seated inside and asked us where we were going. Svendborg or Langeland, we told him. He hesitated for a moment, and then said "well, okay, let's go."
As we began driving, we realised that it wasn't his original plan to go the neither Svendborg nor Langeland, but only about half the way. Anyway he took us all the way to the front door of our efterskole at Langeland. He told us he was in the last year of high school, only 18 years old, and was a marathon runner. He had participated in marathons in Tokyo, Berlin, San Fransisco and Copenhogen - he travelled there for a week or less, just like that.
It was such a strange thing to get driven around in an Alfa Romeo by a rich guy, who was only a little older than us. Don't think I'm ever gonna try that again - but fuck yeah, I love hitchhiking ♥
Here you have some photos of cars in my street.

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