fredag den 3. december 2010

Okay, if anyone from my class might read this, please stop laughing already.
I wanna share some music with you made by.. dadadadaaa.. Anders Remmer himself, my Danish teacher. I think he's made music for quite some time now and I've got the impression that's he's pretty huge in the Danish electronic communtiy. That's kinda cool.

He's done some really good solo music, called Dub Tractor. Very dreamish, indiepop, electronic, dub... I don't know, listen yourself at his myspace. There's also this pretty video for the song "And You Are Back." I've bought the album "Sorry" on iTunes and I can't help sometimes thinking of an electronic version of Moi Caprice.

He also makes a third of the band formerly known as Future 3, now called System. They do minimalistic electronic dub music (I hate defining music in genres) and has gotten some really good reviews (so did Dub Tractor). Myspace!

Finally, he was a part of the band People Press Play, you probably know this song, it was in a Nikoline commercial, haha. The strangest part is that I went to a Blue Foundation concert three years ago where they were the support band! I really liked the music and visited their myspace where I also found som photos of them. Then I started at my high school and found out that I've actually been to a concert with my current Danish teacher. I was quite surprised, I gotta say.

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