lørdag den 6. november 2010

Today, my dad and I visited the World Press Photo exhibition. It's one of the high lights of the year to me. It's quite different to see the photos on big canvases instead of in pixels.
There were both depressing and uplifting photos.
One photo series in particular sort of broke my heart. A man in Somalia was sentenced to death by stoning. His felony was adultery. The photos were horrible to watch in full size and I don't feel like posting any of them here. Instead, you can see them here.
Luckily, there were also other, more positive, photos.

Glacier river in Greenland. Copyright Nick Cobbing.

Kingfisher catching its dinner. Copyright Joe Petersburger.

And here we go again with the depressing ones.

Guy who used to suffer from anorexia. Copyright Laura Pannack.

It's a little too late for a recommendation, 'cause tomorrow is the last day of exhibition.

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