mandag den 8. november 2010

I'm a HUGE fan of Pink Floyd and I really want to indoctrinate anyone reading this to love Pink Floyd.. maybe not as much as I do, but just a little more than you do now!

Sally Kamille's Pink Floyd Propaganda of the day!

I'll be posting recommendations (hopefully) on a daily basis. At some point there will be no more Pink Floyd songs to listen to.. that day will be remembered as a sad day.
Here you go, recommendation #1 ♥

Childhood's End
I know the intro is kinda long (what can I say, it's Pink Floyd...)
Just skip it or take it in as a part of the experience!
This track is sort of a "hidden gem" in Pink Floyd's repetoire.
It's from the album Obscured By Clouds - a soundtrack for a French movie called La Vallée.

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