fredag den 4. marts 2011

Some weeks ago, my family and I sent a letter to our spnonsored child! That's something we've wanted to do for a couple of years and now we finally got it done.
His name is Amadou and he lives in Mali with his father and mother, the second wife of the father and ten siblings! That's quite a household... His parents grow rice and peanut and Amadou helps out by collecting water and doing the petty shopping. By now, he has started in school, but he had to start a year later than supposed, because he's suffering from asthma :( But he's okay and loves playing football and marbles with his friends!

I wrote a letter for him and his family French, I hope it's not all nonsense to them, haha... In addition, we sent some presents for him and his siblings. Stickers, crayons, a calculator, a notebook, some plastic beads, coloured tape and a sharpener.
We also sent a drawing made by my little brother, a photo of ourselves and a map showing the locations of both Mali and Denmark!

I love having a sponsoured child - the best thing is to get mail from them, telling how they are doing. Even though, the language is very formal, you can't help to get somewhat of a personal relation to the family. And it's incredible to find out JUST how much they make out of the money we send them.
We sent 300 DKK as an extra gift for the family and this is what they got:

A sheep
A blanket
Three hens
Two pairs of trousers
Two pairs of shoes
Sauce ingredient

You can read more about having a sponsored child at Børnefondens web page. If it's possible for you, I really think you should consider becoming a sponsor - that's truly making a difference!

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