fredag den 21. januar 2011

Yesterday, the sweet sweet sweet Asta came by to take care of me (though I'm feeling much better now - today I actually got some homework and a Spanish letter done). She brought a lot of movies starring Gael García Bernal, our favourite actor of all times, and even more cake, candy and nachos. She had gone totally crazy (but I loved it). We only got to see two movies - Y Tu Mamá También and Diarios de Motocicleta, because we accidently talked too much.
Anyway, it was really, really nice and I've been in Spanish mood since! Maybe that's why I managed to finish my letter in Spanish. Oh, and maybe a little note on Gael García Bernal: he's the most perfect male on earth. And the combination of him, Che Guevara, South America and road trip is the best - I think I've watched Diarios de Motocicleta fime times now.

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