onsdag den 26. januar 2011

A note on my economy
I've just done something very responsible and adult-ish. I've counted my money and separated it in three different envelopes (okay, maybe an adult would have put it in bank accounts... but shh).
I'm planning for Roskilde Festival, of course. So one envelope for that.
Then, I'd love to go to Barcelona in the summer holiday, if possible, to visit Javi there. Another envelope for that.
And then I've only now decided to go to Berlin this easter with Sophia and her mum. A final envelope for that.
At this point, I pretty much despise money.
But all three envelopes could use a little more money, so from now on I will be living the cheap life.
No spending money on stupid stuff.
I can do it!

Life will pretty much be upside down - very dramatic!
(this photo ended up much freakier than I'd imagined... I don't know what it is about my eyes, but I'm pretty scared! I'm, well, staring at myself. But of course you won't experience it like that - it'll be more me staring at you! Okay, I'll stop now.. bye bye)

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