torsdag den 31. maj 2012

Romain Gavras // No church in the wild

I'm sorry for spamming you with Kanye West videos, but this one is just... wow.
It's the brand new video for No Church In Wild from the Watch The Throne album by mr. West and Jay Z. It's very powerful and impressing. I went to the Watch The Throne concert this Saturday (had to travel across the country to get to it.. good thing Denmark is small). It was absolutely mindblowing. For two and a half hours, Kanye, Jay Z, and the audience went mental and the stage show was so cool with all its wild animals.

Anyway, No Church In The Wild is directed by the extremely talented Romain Gavras, one of the best music video directors of the world. He is also the man behind the really cool video for Bad Girls by M.I.A.
He's probably best known for directing the almost 10 minutes long video for Born Free, also by M.I.A. It's an account of genocide and ethnical cleansing - and thought of by many to be very controversial. 

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