søndag den 8. maj 2011

I found these photos on the old computer I'm currently using. They're from the autumn of 2008, I was 14 years old.
I was visiting my grandfather and his wife in the countryside and I remember this as the point where I decided to "become serious" with photography (that's a strange way to express it, 'cause I'm not even serious about it now). I spent two days in their big garden, experimenting and looking for motives. This was when I found out that you can actually think about the photos you take instead of just doing it. That there was more to taking photos. 
Before this, I had mostly just taken photos of my friends and occasionally pretty sunsets outside my window. But this visit was a turning point in my "career". Now it's pretty amusing to look through those old photos - a lot of them is rubbish, but these are some of the better ones (or at least the ones that aren't completely weird, dull or just plain embarrasing). 

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