onsdag den 31. marts 2010

I've been away for quite a while.
And I'm not really sure that I'm a "blogging girl". It seems like every teenage girl has her own blog. So this will just be one of many ..

ANYWAY, I'll give it a go. I don't really know what will be the main issue of my blog - but I will find out, eventually. As a start, I can tell you that I've made a list of interesting bands and acts that will be attending the Danish Roskilde Festival this summer. It's just for my own use, so that I know which bands to listen a little to in advance... my list includes..
Dirty Projectors
FM Belfast
Wild Beasts
Beach House
Choc Quib Town

and many more. Right now I'm listening to Dirty Projectors and I'm looking more and more forward to Roskilde Festival! It will be grrrreat. With good friends, good music and good old-fashioned love.

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